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The most effective product in the world to restore color, condition and vitality to your real hair system, wig, weave, topper or extensions.


Also use to blend with your naturally growing hair.

What is Back2Natural?

A Problem Solver for Men and Women

Back2Natural is uniquely designed to safely restore human hair to its original color and quality. 


Hair systems, wigs, extensions and toppers made from human hair cannot renew itself the way growing hair does. The hair undergoes intense processing; Including bleaching and dyeing before the final piece is created. This makes the hair far more prone to dryness and fading. Not only from the sun's UV rays but also interior ultraviolet light, heated style tools and cheap, harsh hair products.

Back2Natural was developed specifically to address the underlying cause of fading and dryness. Our color depositing conditioners have been solving this problem for thousands of natural hair wearers for over fifteen years - extending the life of their hair by years. 

Back2Natural solves dryness and fading with our unique formula that targets the problem and delivers it in a gentle base that respects the delicate nature of processed hair. One application effectively reverses fading and corrects unwanted brassy, orange and red tones. 

Use on:

- Mens Hair Systems

- Wigs

- Toppers

- Extensions

- Weaves

- AND blend with your own naturally growing hair and control grey or color disparity between your system and your growing hair. 


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Our Products

Color Line   +   Wet Line

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Color Depositing Conditioners

6 shades

 Light Natural Ash Blonde - get's the gold out of very light              blondes

 Medium Natural Ash Blonde - controls gold and unwanted            orange in mid range blondes

 Dark Natural Ash Blonde - restores depth and controls warmth in    darker blondes 

 Light Natural Ash Brown - restores color to light brown hair,            refreshes and adds depth to a natural color.

 Medium Natural Ash Brown - brings faded brown hair back to        life, controls unwanted orange and red tones while giving hair a          convincing natural color

 Dark Natural Ash Brown - removes red tones from dark brown        and black hair and returns hair to a believable, natural tone. 

Shampoo and Conditioners

gentle on processed or color treated hair

- Hydrobalance Organic Luxury Shampoo - an extremely luxurious, nourishing and color safe shampoo, designed and formulated for color treated, relaxed or straightened hair, real hair wigs, hair extensions, hairpieces and processed hair of all textures.

- Hydrobalance Organic Luxury Conditioner - an emollient rich blend of Vegetable Fatty Acids that continually replaces the moisture lost during the day. Infused with certified organic ingredients, HydroBalance will nourish, detangle, increase manageability and impart a natural shine. It is cationic by nature and as such bonds with the anionic charges present in processed hair to ‘tighten’ and strengthen the hair structure.

- Hydrobalance Leave-In Spray-In Conditioner (3.4oz/100ml or 8oz/237ml) - super Fortified to CONDITION, STRENGTHEN and PROTECT with Q22 and a patented vegetable protein combined with Panthenol (Vit. B5) to strengthen the hair up to 75%. A UV absorber derived from the Cinnamon plant to protect the hair and dramatically reduce fading. A Thermal Protectant to shield from heat of styling tools and sun damage fading. 

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